Balance Machine

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Application: It is widely used in the balance correction of various kinds of large and medium-sized motor rotors, impellers, crankshafts, rollers and shafts.

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1. Fast running speed
2. High reliability & precision
3. Stable performance

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Mainly used for balance verification of large and medium-sized motor rotors, blowers, pump impellers, dryers, rollers and other rotating workpieces.
The machine adopts ring belt drive or gear box universal joint transmission, and frequency conversion motor drive to ensure the balanced quality and precision of the workpiece.
The machine has the characteristics of wide speed range, large driving power and high working efficiency.

Model Number GP-B3000H GP-U3000H GP-U10000H
Transmission Belt Drive Universal Joint Universal Joint
Workpiece weight range (kg) 3000 3000 10000
Workpiece Max. Outer Diameter (mm) Ø2100 Ø2100 Ø2400
Distance between two supports (mm) 160-3780 Minimum 60 Min. 320
Support shaft diameter range (mm) Standard Ø25 ~ 180 Standard Ø25 ~ 240 Ø60~400
The maximum diameter of the belt drive (mm) Ø900 N/A N/A
Rotational speed when the diameter of the workpiece transmission is 100mm (r / min) 921, 1329 + stepless speed regulation N/A N/A
The maximum distance from the end of the universal joint to the center of the right support (mm) N/A 3900 6000
Spindle speed (r/min) N/A 133,225,396.634,970 + stepless speed regulation Stepless speed regulation
Motor Power (KW) 7.5 (AC frequency conversion) 7.5 (AC frequency conversion) 22(AC frequency conversion)
Universal coupling torque (N·m) N/A 700 2250
Lathe length (mm) 4000 5000 7500
Minimum reachable residual imbalance / per side (e mar) ≤0.5g·mm/kg ≤1gmm / kg ≤0.5g·mm/kg
Color Customized Customized Customized
Condition New New New

1. Installation service.
2. Maintenance service.
3. Technical support online service provided.
4. Technical files service provided.
5. On-site training service provided.
6. Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.

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