Rubber Roller CNC Grinding Machine

Short Description:

1. CNC operating system
2. Full-scale grinding, grooving and cutting capability
3. Environment friendly
4. High efficiency
5. Easy operation
6. Full cover for safety can be selected
7. CE certification can be provided

Product Detail

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Product Description
1. Own developed user-friendly CNC operating system.
2. The latest system can easily operate 35 processing schemes on the rubber roller surface, which includes cuttings, grindings, groovings and combinations.
3. Remote on-line trouble shooting function can be selected.
4. Motorized angle turning grooving head can be selected.
5. Having all the functions of our PSM series general grinding machine as following.
1)Standard equipment of PSM series includes:
a.a full flood re-circulating coolant system
b.motorized tailstock
c.variable speed travels and spindle drives
d.front and rear independently operated carriage tables
e.a direct drive grinding head mounted on the rear
2)Specially designed to replace the traditional roller grinding process method.
3)Two medium carriage tables assembled to ensure accurate performance and operating stability.
4)The max. linear speed of grinding head is over 90m/s. Production efficiency is highly increased and the geometric size is guaranteed.
5)Advanced measuring device assembled timely checks the processing data and provides effective help to control the grinding size can be upgrade upon request.
6)Capable of realizing expansion of processing of special-shaped rubber rollers.

Model Number PSM-4020-CNC PSM-8040-CNC PSM-1260-CNC PSM-1680-CNC
Max Diameter 16”/400MM 32”/800MM 47′/1200MM 63′/1600MM
Max Length 80”/2000MM 158”/4000MM 236”/6000MM 315”/8000MM
Work Piece Weight 500kg 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg
Hardness Range 15-120SH-A 15-120SH-A 15-120SH-A 15-120SH-A
Voltage (V) 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440
Power (KW) 17 22 26 32
Dimension 4m*1.6m*1.4m 6.5m*1.8m*1.6m 8.0m*2.0m*1.8m 11m*2.4m*1.8m
Type Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical
Grinding Wheel Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy
Grooving Wheel Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy
Multi-function Grinding, Grooving & Cutting
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Color Customized Customized Customized Customized
Condition New New New New
Place of Origin Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China
Need of operator 1 person 1 person 1 person 1 person

Roller Profile
The system has an all-round comprehensive processing function, with a total of 35 processing schemes:
It has 5 kinds of shape cutting functions, 5 kinds of grinding functions of roll shape (Flat Grinding, Middle Convexity Grinding, Middle Concave Crown Grinding, Hammer Head Grinding, Waveform Grinding), and 25 kinds of functions of processing 5 grooves (Vertical groove, Spiral groove, Rhombus groove, Man-shape groove and Level groove) on 5 kinds of roller shape respectively.

Roller Profile

Base on the basic PSM series general grinding machine, PSM-CNC series is developed by changed the driven type and control system. CNC system is specialized digital-controlled software for roll processing. Jinan Power Rubber Roller Equipment Company and the institutions of scientific research develop the software. Its professional performance characteristics are the best among the machining industry. Due to the all-round of the system function, it can make almost all the profile of rollers. For instance, parabolic crowning and concave, cosine crowning and concave, circular, cone, coarse pitch, herringbone, diamond, straight groove, horizontal groove and other formations.

1. On-site installation service can be selected.
2. Maintenance service for life long.
3. Online support is valid.
4. Technical files will be provided.
5. Training service can be provided.
6. Spare parts replacement and repair service can be provided.

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