Vulcanizing Machine

  • Autoclave- Electrical Heating Type

    Autoclave- Electrical Heating Type

    1. GB-150 standard vessel.
    2. Hydraulic operating door quick opening & closing system.
    3. Interior insulation structure made of stainless steel.
    4. Stainless steel coils electrical heating.
    5. Mechanical & electrical safety system.
    6. PLC control system with touch screen.

  • Autoclave- Steam Heating Type

    Autoclave- Steam Heating Type

    1. Composed of five main systems: hydraulic system, air pressure system, vacuum system, steam system and automatic control system.
    2. Triple interlock protection ensures the safety.
    3. 100% X-ray inspection to ensure product quality.
    4. Fully automatic control, accurate temperature control and pressure, energy saving.