Rubber Roller Covering Machine

Short Description:

1. High productivity
2. Suitable for printing roller covering
3. Easy to operate

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Product Description
1. Applicable to the types of rubber roller processing:
(1)The PTM-4030 & PTM-8060 models are suitable for rubber covering process on printing rollers, general industrial rollers and small industrial rubber rollers.
(2)The PTM-1060 model is suitable for processing general industrial rollers and small paper rubber rollers.
(3)The PTM-1580 & PTM-2010 models are suitable for processing big type paper mill, mine transmission and heavy industrial rollers.
2. Equipped with E250CS, E300CS, E350CS or E400CS power extruder and a complete industrial cooling system.
3. Applicable to rubber compounding with all hardness range 15-100A.
4. Easy Installation with our professional technical support on-line or on-site.
5. Optional nylon type wrapping function, and other special design can be provided upon customer requirement.

Model Number PTM-4030 PTM-8060 PTM-1060 PTM-1580 PTM-2010
Max Diameter 16″/400mm 32″/800mm 40″/1000mm 59″/1500mm 79″/2000mm
Max Length 118″/3000mm 236″/6000mm 236″/6000mm 315″/8000mm 394″/10000mm
Work Piece Weight 500kg 1500kg 3000kg 8000kg 10000kg
Hardness Range 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A
Voltage (V) 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440
Power (KW) 25 45 55 75 95
Extruder E250CS E300CS/E350CS E350CS  E350CS/E400CS E350CS/E400CS
Screw diameter 2.5″ 3″/3.5” 3″/3.5”  3.5″/4.0” 3.5″/4.0”
Feeding Method Cold feeding Cold feeding Cold feeding Cold feeding Cold feeding
Extruder Output 4.2kg/min 5.6kg/min 6.6kg/min 6.6kg/min 6.6kg/min
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Color Customized Customized Customized Customized Customized
Condition New New New New New
Place of Origin Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China
Need of operator 1-2 person 1-2 person 1-2 person 1-2 person 1-2 person

The automatic rubber roller covering machine is designed and produced for improving the rubber covering process. Appropriate models can be selected for different industries. Advanced and mature technology will bring higher efficiency to the roller production.

1. On-site Installation service can be selected.
2. Maintenance service for life long.
3. Online support is valid.
4. Technical files will be provided.
5. Training service can be provided.
6. Spare parts replacement and repair service can be provided.

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