Air Compressor GP-11.6/10G Air-Cooled

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Application: Screw air compressor provides compressed air for various industries with its advantages of high efficiency, maintenance free and high reliability.

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1. High efficiency
2. Maintenance free
3. High reliability

Product Description
1. The system adopts stepless regulation of 0-100% exhaust volume. When the air consumption decreases, the exhaust volume decreases, and the current of the motor decreases at the same time; when the air is not used, the air compressor idles, and it will stop automatically if the idling is too long. When the gas consumption increases, the working state will be restored. Excellent energy saving effect.
2. Extraordinary cooling system design, especially suitable for high temperature and humidity environment. Excellent vibration isolation technology and noise reduction measures.
3. Adopt the design idea of “big rotor, big bearing, low speed”, effectively reduce noise and vibration, reduce exhaust temperature, improve rotor rigidity, extend service life, reduce sensitivity to impurities and oil carbides.

Model Number GP-11.6/10G Air-Cooled Screw Machine Technical Parameters
Type Screw
Cooling method Air Cooling
Screw set 5:6 toothed rotor
Compression method Continuous, single stage
Exhaust gas volume V=11.6m3/min
Compressed air outlet pressure P2=1.0MPa
Compressed air outlet temperature Higher than the environment temperature of 10 ℃ to 15 ℃
Rated power 75kw
Motor speed N=2974r/min
Noise 82dB(A)
Voltage 480V
Configuration Mobile
Lubrication Style Oil-free
Working weight About 1850KGS
Dimension(L*W*H) 2160X1220X1580 MM
Condition New

1. Installation service.
2. Maintenance service.
3. Technical support online service provided.
4. Technical files service provided.
5. On-site training service provided.
6. Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.

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