Rubber Roller Multi-purpose Stripping Machine

Short Description:

1. Environment friendly
2. High efficiency
3. Provide rough and clean core surface for better bonding
4. Easy operation

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Product Description
1. The PCM-4030 & PCM-6040 models are suitable for renewing printing rollers, general industrial rollers and small industrial rubber rollers. The PCM-8040, PCM-1250 & PCM-1660 models are suitable for renewing industrial rubber rollers.
2. Removing old rubber by special ring cutter.
3. Replacing the traditional sand-blasting and solvent washing process by advanced belt-grinding process.
4. Perfectly keeping the original dynamic balance of the roller core.
5. Giving more reliable guarantee for the bonding of the rubber and steel cores.
6. Saving costs and labors with this improved production system.

Model Number PCM-4030 PCM-6040 PCM-8040 PCM-1250 PCM-1660
Max Diameter 15.7″/400mm 24″/600mm 31.5″/800mm 47.2″/1200mm 63″/1600mm
Max Length 118″/3000mm 157.5″/4000mm 157.5″/4000mm 196.9″/5000mm 236.2″/6000mm
Work Piece Weight 500kg 800kg 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg
Hardness Range 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A 15-100SH-A
Voltage (V) 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440 220/380/440
Power (KW) 8.5 8.5 12 19 23
Dimension 5m*1.6m*1.4m 6m*1.7m*1.5m 6m*1.8m*1.6m 7.8m*2.0m*1.7m 8.6m*2.6m*1.8m
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Color Customized Customized Customized Customized Customized
Condition New New New New New
Place of Origin Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China Jinan, China
Need of operator 1 person 1 person 1 person 1 person 1 person

PCM Multi-purpose Stripping Machine is specially researched, developed and designed for treating old rubber rollers. PCM Multi-purpose Stripping Machine has the advantages that: Old rubber can be quickly removed by a special ring cutter, a roller core would have a brand-new surface under the special belt grinding mode. Adhesive brushing and drying are facilitated, bonding of rubber and the roller core is ensured, which replaced the traditional sand blasting process. After the belt grinding process, the surface is not required to be cleaned by any solvent, the balance of the roller core is prevented from being damaged. Therefore, production efficiency will be improved, cost and labor will be saved. Most importantly, the bonding of the rubber and the roller core will be secured by this procedure.

1. On-site Installation service can be selected.
2. Maintenance service for life long.
3. Online support is valid.
4. Technical files will be provided.
5. Training service can be provided.
6. Spare parts replacement and repair service can be provided.

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