Post-vulcanization treatment of rubber products

Rubber products often require some post-processing after vulcanization to become qualified finished products.
This includes:
A. The edge trimming of rubber mold products makes the surface of the products smooth and the overall dimensions meet the requirements;
B. After some special process processing, such as the surface treatment of the product, the performance of the special-purpose product is improved;
C. For products containing fabric skeleton, such as tapes, tires and other products, it is necessary to carry out hot stretching and cooling and cooling under inflation pressure after vulcanization to ensure product size, shape stability and good performance.
Repair of mold products after vulcanization
When the rubber mold product is vulcanized, the rubber material will flow out along the parting surface of the mold, forming overflow rubber edge, also known as burr or flash edge. The amount and thickness of the rubber edge depends on the structure, precision, The parallelism of the flat plate of the flat vulcanizer and the amount of glue remaining. The products produced by the current edgeless molds have very thin rubber edges, and sometimes they are taken off when the mold is removed or can be removed with a light wipe. However, this kind of mold is expensive and easy to damage, and most rubber moldings need to be trimmed after vulcanization.
1. Hand trim
Manual trimming is an ancient trimming method, which includes manually punching the rubber edge with a punch; removing the rubber edge with scissors, scrapers, etc. The quality and speed of rubber products trimmed by hand will also vary from person to person. It is required that the geometric dimensions of the trimmed products must meet the requirements of the product drawings, and there must be no scratches, scratches and deformations. Before trimming, you must know the trimming part and technical requirements, master the correct trimming method and use the tools correctly.
2. Mechanical trim
Mechanical trimming refers to the trimming & 5 process of rubber mold products using various special machines and corresponding process methods. It is the most advanced trimming method at present.

Post time: Aug-11-2022