Application industry of rubber rollers II

Printing rubber roller series.

1. Laminated rubber rollers are used as special accessories for printing machinery.
2. Iron printing roller is used for iron printing machinery.
3. Alcohol fountain roller is mainly used on printing machines.
4. The gravure printing roller is mainly used on the printing machine.
5. Plastic color printing rollers are mainly used on color printing machines.
6. Use of heat transfer roller: transfer printing machine.
7. The PS plate rubber roller is used on top of the PS plate.
8. UV rubber rollers are widely used in various printing factories.
9. Use of water roller: printing machinery, transmission machinery.
10. Ink rollers for printing and color printing.
Textile printing and dyeing rubber roller series.

A rubber roller used in printing and dyeing machinery for printing, rolling liquid, pad dyeing, and fabric guiding. It is divided into two categories: active roller and passive roller. The active and passive rollers are used together. The hardness of the active roller cover rubber is high, with a Shore A hardness of 98-100 degrees. The passive roller cover rubber has elasticity and low hardness, with a Shore A hardness of generally 70-85 degrees. There are three types of rollers according to their usage: dyeing roller, water roller, and fabric guide roller. Generally, NBR and its combination with other rubber materials are used for production.
1. Printing and dyeing rubber rollers are used for conveying, dyeing, alkali washing, acid washing, water washing, bleaching, etc. of fabrics on printing and dyeing machinery
2. Textile rubber rollers are widely used in industrial machinery such as textile, printing, printing, papermaking, metallurgy, transportation, plastics, leather, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, wood packaging machinery and equipment.
3. Scope of application of squeezing roller: industrial.
4. Usage of washing machine rubber roller: suitable for printing, plastic, papermaking, dyeing and finishing, textile, etc
5. Rewashing machine rubber roller: not found
6. The guide roller is used for printing machinery
7. Application of sizing roller: widely used for sizing
8. Acid and alkali resistant rubber roller usage: special accessories for printing machinery
9. Leather rubber rollers are used for leather machinery such as buffing machines, peeling machines, meat removal machines, and water squeezing machines

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